Why couples in Salford should opt for mediation before divorce –

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There are many reasons why divorce is considered so hard. It has many emotional ramifications on both the partners, the children are grievously affected, and the legal process of divorce itself is a serious pain.

For couples in Salford, before they decide to hire a lawyer and go to the court, they should look at going for family mediation. Family mediation is a process through which possible disputes related to the divorce are solved amicably.

Important issues like custody of children, distribution of various assets, separation of joint accounts and joint policies are all consequences of divorce. By going for divorce and separation mediation, couples can peacefully reach a middle ground on all of these issues.

It needs to be noted that mediators are not counsellors; neither do they conduct therapy sessions. They are not qualified to help you deal with your emotional issues.

Their job is to help you reach an understanding and middle ground on all your disputes related to divorce. Just like an umpire in a cricket match, mediators are unbiased and neutral.

Divorce can either be a long and difficult legal process, or a short and easy one. Using divorce and separation mediation will make it the later rather than the former.

Contact us for Family Mediation - 03300 101 354

There are many reasons why opting for family mediation is recommended –

Unlike courts, you can avail get an appointment for mediation whenever you want. This makes it pretty convenient.

Most mediators are not only extremely professional but also very friendly. They are able to deal with all kinds of situations. Your issues may seem impossible to resolve, but most mediators can easily handle them.

Most mediators are nationally recognized and have achieved the highest form of professional accreditation.

Mediation is appropriate for any type of circumstances. Mediation is very time saving. Unlike court proceedings that can go on for years, the process of mediation is very quick.

Mediation does a great job of parties other than the spouses which are directly affected because of the divorce. Children and grandparents also get represented in the process of mediation.

Mediation is also applicable to gay and lesbian couples who may wish to end their civil unions. Mediation is not costly. Compared to the extortionate rates that lawyers charge as their fees, the cost of mediation is next to nothing.

Contact us for Family Mediation – 03300 101 354

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