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Getting separated or divorced from your partner can be a very stressful phase in one’s life. It doesn’t just affect your mental wellbeing but also your close family and children’s.

Often when these matters are settled in court, much animosity can grow between the partners during the proceedings as a result of the lengthy legal processes involved.

It can cost you emotionally and financially making it a rough and testing period to get through. In such circumstances, divorce and separation mediation is a highly useful service that can eliminate unnecessary anxiety of hiring solicitors and attending legal hearings.

Most cases of separation and divorce can be solved using mediation, barring a couple of rare exceptions. Mediation is a process by which you and your ex-partner can volunteer to meet, along with a mediator, and discuss the social and financial implications of your circumstances.

Contractual agreements, a division of assets, property, shares, etc. as well as custody of your children are some of the things you would discuss in a professional yet friendly atmosphere to reach an amicable conclusion.

By using Mediation Information and Advisory Service for Family Mediation, you will be able to resolve matters with substantially less hassle and save significantly on monetary costs.

Contact us for Family Mediation - 03300 101 354

As this is a voluntary process, we offer a fast appointment service that allows the meetings to be set up at your convenience.

Unlike the lengthy proceedings you may experience with hiring solicitors, our fast appointment service will ensure you don’t have to delay or wait for a long time to get the mediation process started.

Our mediators are trained and accredited to the highest possible standards and we are a nationally recognized mediation service.

Our professional mediators approach all matters in a fair and friendly manner. You can be assured complete unbiased on their part and yet a personable resolve to all kinds of client circumstances

Almost all separation issues can be solved with mediation as it promises an extremely high success rate.

Mediation is far less time consuming and more cost effective method than going through solicitors and paying legal fees.

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