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Family Mediation is a great tool to simplify the complicated procedures of divorce and courtroom proceedings. It helps you to figure out the most practical solutions to the most complex of problems in an amicable and mutually agreeable fashion.

Moreover, mediation costs you a fraction of the amount which you might be spending for availing the services of the solicitor. So, it is wise to give mediation a chance before diving in the unchartered waters of court room proceedings.

Mediation also helps you in settling disputes concerning fixed assets, financial assets, child custody etc. in a civil and cordial manner. So that the divorce doesn’t become a war between you and your spouse and you part ways in a healthy manner.

Moreover, once the divorce reaches inside the walls of a court room, it becomes a public affair and all your friends and relative get to know about your divorce and the nature of it.

This can be really embarrassing for you if the reason for the divorce is adultery, impotency or any other sensitive issue. Family mediation or divorce and separation mediation is your best option to keep your personal life under wraps.

Contact us for Family Mediation - 03300 101 354

Moreover, while courtroom proceedings and hearings can take an eternity to reach a decision, Family mediation can help solve the disputes in half that time and at a fraction of the amount which you pay to the solicitors. Mediation helps save time, money and immeasurable emotional stress of courtroom proceedings.

Mediation also puts the couples at the pilot seat of the whole divorce procedures. You won’t have to sacrifice your work or other important engagements to meet your mediator. You can fix the meetings with your mediator whenever it is convenient to you. Also, it is you who decide what issues need be discussed in the meetings and what disputes need to be resolved.

MIAMS offers you fast appointment services which means you won’t have to wait for weeks to get an appointment.
You can schedule a meeting with our mediators when it is convenient to you
All our mediators are extremely professional yet friendly and will help you find a practical and mutually agreeable solution to all your complex problems
We have an exceptionally high success rate and all our clients speak very highly of us
Our mediators are highly acclaimed professionals in their field and are recognized nationally.
MIAMS provide personable services as per the individual needs of our clients
Contact us for Family Mediation – 03300 101 354

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