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Financial arrangements and mediation

When it comes to financial arrangements after a divorce there are many things that you will have to consider. You will have to think about what you are going to do with the family home, for example. You may decide to sell the home and split the proceeds or allow one person to buy out the share in the home. There will also be decisions to be made concerning shares and other financial assets, such as pensions. This will have implications both now and in the future so you need to also consider how financial circumstances may change. For example, if the value of your shares was to depreciate. Mediation enables you to consider all of your financial arrangements and to sort out what should happen in a mutually agreed fashion. Whatever the complexities, and entanglements, in terms of your financial arrangements mediation is a comprehensive solution.

  • Court proceedings can be very distracting. They take a long time to resolve and can be very stressful.
  • In contrast, mediation is a relatively quick process which allows you to solve issues relating to your divorce in an efficient way.
  • Our mediators are experienced in including children as part of the mediation process. We can explain to children what mediation involves and make sure that the mediation meets their needs.
  • Grandparents can be involved in the process of mediation. In legal proceedings, mediators are often left out of the agreements that are made. Mediation can take their interests into account.
  • Because our mediators are very well trained, they are able to deal with various, complex, family circumstances.
  • Indeed, mediation is renowned for its flexibility.

During a family break-up, any small detail can spiral into something bigger than could potentially damage either parties chances of getting access to children, money or proper. Family mediation is a great, cost-effective way to resolve problems without having to deal with lengthy court processes and pay high legal fees. The mediation will be a lot quicker than using solicitors so if you are able to manage the break-up process using mediation, this will cost a lot less money. During the meeting, you have the opportunity to be with your partner or in a separate room if the split is not amicable. If you choose a shuttle mediation, being in a different room to your partner, this will take longer. During the mediation process, a trained mediator will go through a number of things to try and help you resolve the split amicably. The mediator will be fully trained and may have to use different methods for each person, but there are a few things you can expect as standard for any mediation which are:

  • Listening to both points of view
  • Not taking individual sides
  • Creating a calm atmosphereNegotiating to help you both reach agreement
  • Suggestion of ways to go forward and reach an agreement
Miams Family Mediation is an incredibly successful tool which helps many people each year deal with an uncomfortable situation. As well as being impartial, the mediator will have the best interests of both parties at heart and consider everyone\'s point of view.

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