Going through a divorce, or separation, is one of the most stressful activities that you can possibly undertake.

Grandparent’s information

Grandparent’s information


When your son or daughter is undergoing a divorce it can be a very troubling time for you as a grandparent. There are various considerations that you might have as a grandparent.

The first of these will be to be sure that your son or daughter is making the best possible decision. In our experience, it is very easy for people to loose a lot of money during a divorce settlement because they have not considered the alternatives in terms of mediation against a legal position. It is a good idea to talk to your son or daughter about mediation when they are considering a divorce. They can get in touch with our advisors at FAMILY MEDIATION 1 at any time they choose and we will be available to answer their concerns.

The second will be your own position as a grandparent. You may be worried that you will lose contact with your grandchildren. This can be a great concern as a divorce normally means the fragmentation of the family home. You may also have difficulties in reaching an agreement with parents about your access to grandchildren.

Mediation: meeting the needs of grandparents

In a court of law, grandparents can find that their concerns are put to one side. This is not the case with mediation. FAMILY MEDIATION 1 comprises the most experienced mediators who are all members of the FMA (Family Mediation Association). This means that they are used to dealing with all members of the family – from children to grandparents.

The main benefit of mediation for grandparents is that they are an integral part of the process. Mediation is a procedure where the separating couple in a divorce, or dissolution, are in control of the process. With a skilled mediator they work, through a series of meetings, towards an agreed resolution which is compatible with the interests of both parties. At the end of the mediation procedure the divorcing couple come to a signed agreement which takes their mutual interests into account.

The role of grandparents in mediation

• As mediation is an open-ended, negotiated, process, the couple can decide to include grandparents at any part of the procedure.
• In addition, mediators can meet with grandparents to discuss their interests.
• Mediators aim to bring the interests of all parties to the table in their discussions.
• In the mediation agreement, the position of grandparents in terms of access to children and other responsibilities can be considered.
• Grandparents are increasingly a major element of a complete mediation agreement.

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