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Divorce and separation can be really hard for a family. Apart from the emotional stress involved, the court proceedings and hearings can be a nightmare.

Solicitors will generally charge a fortune for their services and that is an additional HASSLE to the already over stressful circumstances. Family mediation on the other hand can save you from all this trouble and can pave way for a smooth separation, so that you can part ways from your significant other on cordial terms.

Divorce and separation mediation North Birmingham gives you practical and mutually beneficial solutions to many problems and disputes.

While going through a divorce there are countless things to consider and numerous disputes to be solved like who gets the ownership of fixed assets, how to divide the financial assets, who gets the custody of the children etc.

Taking these disputes to court only ensures one thing that is an all out war between you and your spouse and the things become bitter between the involved parties.

Needless, to say it leaves you, your spouse, the children and the family members emotionally exhausted. Family mediation can help you settle these disputes in a cordial manner without even entering the court once. Also, hiring a mediator costs much less than hiring a solicitor.

Contact us for Family Mediation – 03300 101 354

Miams Birmingham North

While availing the services of a mediator, you’re the one who is in control. Court hearings are not designed to fit into your schedule and you might have to suffer at work or at other areas while going through a court divorce.

Whereas, with mediation services, you choose when the meeting needs to be scheduled and how many meetings will it take to reach a decision.

Also, you decide what issues needs to be resolved in the mediation meetings and what goes into the mediation agreement.

  • MIAMS offers you fast appointment services which means you won’t have to wait for weeks to get an appointment.
  • You can schedule a meeting with our mediators when it is convenient to you
  • All our mediators are extremely professional yet friendly and will help you find a practical and mutually agreeable solution to all your complex problems
  • All our mediators are nationally recognized and highly acclaimed professionals of their field
  • We have an exceptionally high success rate in resolving the disputes and all our clients speak very highly of us
  • Our services are personable and can be customized as per the needs of our individual clients
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